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It is not uncommon to undergo a procedure and be underwhelmed with results. Nowhere is this more evident than facial procedures that don’t result in your expected outcome.

Dr. Chang’s goal is to produce powerful outcomes that are long-lasting, natural and effective. In order to do so, he is a specialist in revision Facelift and giving you the result you have been looking for, despite the disappointment you may feel from other “minor” procedures.

Why didn't I get the result I wanted?

For various reasons, you may have been less than thrilled with your prior procedures. This can be multifactorial. There are several barriers that can often lead patients to make choices that are disappointing in the end:

  • Fear of looking done
  • Fear of anesthesia
  • Fear of recovery
  • Cost

When examining these factors, it is easy to see why someone would choose a “mini” procedure or “non-invasive” approach. The allure of lower downtime, shorter scar, shorter recover and lower cost is of course appealing. However, the prospect of a subpar outcome, poorer result, and need for revision is not appealing at all and unfortunately these procedures commonly go hand-in-hand. The other factor could be that a previous surgeon was not as practiced as Dr. Chang. He is one of the most highly trained Facelift surgeons in Washington DC.

Can’t I
just have a
“touch up”?

Yes, of course you can have a touch up, small procedure, or skin tightening. But these procedures are only band-aids that do not address the reason you were disappointed or relapsed in the first place. Additionally, putting repeat tension on the incision lines only increases your chances of scar widening, and the fake “windswept” or “done” look.

Revision Facelift Washington DC

Why Choose Us

Dr. Chang is an expert in facial rejuvenation and specializes and focuses on face and neck lifting. He takes a comprehensive approach to your face and this allows him to balance the forces of gravity and aging. Additionally, because he treats the entirety of your face, he will ensure that the results will be as natural as possible.

Dr. Chang routinely performs a deep-plane Facelift. This technique allows him to re-tighten the deeper layers of the face. Since most plastic surgeons do not perform this technique as routinely, his ability to re-suspend your face, despite a prior surgery is greater than surgeons who would simply repeat the same operation a second time.

How long is my recovery going to be?

A revision Facelift will take no longer than a regular full Facelift for recovery. Most patients feel good enough to return to work in 10-14 days. Bruising and swelling will mostly be gone by then and it is ok to have your hair washed, styled and makeup can be applied. For patients who undergo skin resurfacing at the time of surgery (laser or peel), you may have some ongoing redness that would need moisturizer until the peel is complete.

If you are interested in revision Facelift surgery, please call Dr. Christopher C. Chang, a Washington D.C. plastic surgeon who has additional focus and training on facial cosmetic surgery. Using a collection of specialized techniques and precision skills, he will deliver the results you have been hoping for since your first consultation.

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