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Elegance at every age Comprehensive, cutting-edge plastic surgery
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Discover grace and confidence Comprehensive, cutting-edge plastic surgery
for the most discerning patients & professionals

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When looking for some of the best plastic surgery Washington DC & Maryland have to offer, look no further than Dr. Christopher Chang. With credentials from Harvard, "Yale, and several other respected institutions, along with over 80 peer-reviewed academic papers and articles to his name, he is highly respected in the field. He works in a comfortable, boutique-style clinic serving the DC area with cutting edge and tried and true plastic surgery techniques.

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The face is the first thing that people see when they meet for the first time. In many ways, our facial features define us and the image we present to the world. Asymmetry and imbalance may detract from our perceived attractiveness and can be unfairly associated with negative traits. Additionally, the effects of sun exposure and time can leave our faces sunken, worn, and wrinkled, giving the mistaken impression that we are constantly tired, angry, or sad.

Offering some of the best plastic surgery Washington DC has to offer, Dr. Christopher Chang understands these factors well.

Effective facial plastic surgery requires a steady hand, refined technique, and delicate touch, as well as an intricate understanding of the way our individual facial features come together to form a cohesive face. Dr. Chang possesses all of the above, having completed his Craniofacial Fellowship at the renowned Johns Hopkins Hospital. Dr. Chang’s superior understanding of facial anatomy equips him to perform a combination of brand-new, cutting-edge techniques, along with tried and true principles that have been successful for decades.

Plastic Surgery Washington DC

Choosing a Plastic Surgeon

Plastic Surgery Washington DC

When you trust a surgeon with your very appearance and the face you present to the world, you don’t want to leave anything to chance. Never go to a plastic surgeon that hasn’t been certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgeons, the governing body for cosmetic surgeons in the United States. In choosing the care provider that will be the best fit for you, look into the person’s background – where did they go to school? What kind of fellowship did they complete? Is their focus on older methods from decades ago, or are they on the front lines of progress?

Dr. Chang is a plastic surgeon who prides himself on effortlessly blending a combination of both tried and true practices and newer cosmetic techniques to achieve the desired results for his patients. For both surgical and nonsurgical procedures, get to know Dr. Chang to see if he may be the right fit for you.

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Meet Dr. Chang

Plastic Surgery Maryland

Dr. Christopher C. Chang holds credentials from Harvard University and the NYU School of Medicine, and completed his general and plastic surgery integrated residency at Yale University, followed by a fellowship at Johns Hopkins Hospital. Everywhere he attended, he received honors and accolades, and trained under some of the leading practitioners in the nation. He has numerous peer-reviewed articles to his name, as he remains committed to the development of new innovations and advancements in plastic surgery technique and research.

At his comfortable practice serving the greater Washington DC area, Dr. Chang uses his intricate knowledge of facial anatomy and plastic surgery to match his patients’ unique needs and concerns with the procedures that can best help them. He has extensive experience in the reliable techniques that have been in use for years, while still staying up-to-date on the latest advances in his field. He is able to draw on this vast pool of knowledge to explore different treatment options with his patients, blending new and old and combining multiple procedures when necessary, to arrive at a solution they feel good about.

Providing some of the best plastic surgery Washington DC & Maryland have to offer, with varied training and experience from some of the nation’s foremost educational and medical institutions, Dr. Chang is prepared to address any concerns you may have with compassion, thoughtfulness, and skill.

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