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Newborn ear deformity is common and there are many variations in how a new baby’s ears can look. Often, the obstetrician or pediatrician will ignore the ear shape, or suggest it is a result of “being cramped” in utero or during labor. However, neonatal ear deformity can result in malformed cartilage and permanent disfigurement.

However, there is a good solution. Dr. Chang is a specialist in pediatric and craniofacial plastic surgery and has intricate knowledge of the anatomy and structure of the ear. If you have concerns about your new baby’s ear shape, call Dr. Chang and he can help explain the structure and your treatment options.

Timing is everything

When the new baby is born, there is a golden window of opportunity. For the first few weeks of life, maternal estrogens continue to circulate, as well as antibodies and other protective factors. However, the estrogen allows the cartilages of the ear to be malleable and soft. This special time in the baby’s life allows for nonsurgical ear shaping in the event that the ear shape and structure is not properly established. Unfortunately, this means that adults cannot benefit to have ear deformity treated non-surgically.

EarWell Treatment

Ear Deformity Surgeon

If your baby has an ear deformity, call us immediately. It is imperative that you are seen and evaluated as soon as possible, since the ideal time for re-shaping and cartilage molding is just after birth. EarWell treatment involves placing a specialized mold and adhesive onto the ear and holding the ear in place for several weeks. There are no incisions and the process is painless.

Dr. Chang is a Harvard, Yale, and Johns Hopkins educated plastic surgeon. He has completed the highest level of specialized training beyond general plastic surgery and is board-certified by the American Board of Plastic Surgery. He is extremely comfortable with children and families and his patients appreciate his approachability and professional manner. Schedule an appointment today if you have concerns about your new baby’s ear deformity and would like to learn more about non-surgical ear molding with Dr. Chang.

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