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Tuberous, or tubular breasts, are misshapen breasts that often appear constricted around the nipple with a larger areola. These elongated breasts lack the volume of a normal breast and people often

choose to have them corrected through surgical means to give them a more natural and appealing shape and size.

About tuberous breasts

A tuberous breast is when one or both breasts do not develop normally during puberty. They often appear constricted and long with overly large areolas. This is due to their improper development and the cause of the condition is still being studied. Tuberous breasts are often asymmetrical in appearance and are oval, tube-like, or square in shape. They are often diagnosed by appearance alone. Tuberous breasts are also:

  • Narrower towards their base on the chest
  • Appear tube-like rather than rounded
  • Drooping or sagging, especially at a young age
  • Protruding nipples

Real Patients

- Real Patients, Real Results -

What are the benefits of a tuberous breast correction?

For women who have developed tuberous breasts, undergoing Dr. Chang's DC tuberous breast correction has some incredible benefits. These benefits include:

  • Boosted self-confidence
  • Feeling more attractive
  • A natural breast shape is created for the affected breast
  • Having more symmetrical breasts

Am I a candidate for a tuberous breast correction procedure?

If you are struggling with tuberous breasts, then you may be a candidate. Ideal candidates are:

  • Feel less confident due to the unusual breast appearance
  • Non-smokers
  • Have realistic expectations about surgery, recovery, and results
  • Want to resolve the condition for personal or aesthetic reasons
  • Healthy with no ongoing or current infections

Schedule a consultation with Dr. Christopher Chang to see if you have tuberous breasts and to find out what can be done to correct this condition. A consultation is an opportunity to learn more about what can be done to help you get the rounded, natural-looking breasts you desire.

The tuberous breast correction procedure

Dr. Chang's DC tuberous breast correction procedure starts with identifying the condition. Tuberous breasts will affect the way that augmentation and correction must be approached. A normal breast augmentation may not be enough to resolve the condition fully. The correction procedure often involves an incision that goes around the areola which allows the surgeon to strategically open up the constrictive connective tissue within the breast. A breast lift may also be performed if there is visible sagging and may be combined with breast augmentation. Both these procedures may be performed after an expander is placed in the breast to stretch the constricted tissue prior to the augmentation.

What is the usual recovery time?

You will have to take the first week after your tuberous breast correction surgery off of work to allow you to rest and recovery in a stress free environment. Recovery should only take a few weeks, depending on the extent of the correction performed. If multiple surgeries are required, then this will be discussed after his assessment of your condition. Your recovery time may be longer if a breast lift is needed for your procedure.

Will my ability to breastfeed be compromised?

Your ability to breastfeed may actually be enhanced as the ducts will have more space to become enlarged. The constriction caused by tuberous breasts may in some cases make breastfeeding more difficult as there is less space for the ducts, and they will find it harder to swell. The tuberous breast treatment procedure does not interfere with the ducts involved in breastfeeding, so they should not be compromised. Similarly, you should expect to maintain nipple function after surgery.

Why is Dr. Christopher Chang a great choice for tuberous breast correction?

Dr. Christopher Chang has been performing reconstructive surgeries and correcting breasts for many years and has seen great success and a high satisfaction for the results from his patients. By offering his tuberous breast correction in Washington DC, Dr. Chang is aiming to serve women with a specific condition that cannot be correctly treated by breast augmentation or other enhancement procedures alone. By offering this specialized treatment to his patients he can ensure that their specific needs are met as they should be. Every patient is unique, and Dr. Christopher Chang performs custom breast restoration procedures for misshapen breasts, including cases of tuberous breasts.


Why would I need a tuberous breast correction?

If you have tuberous breasts and are considering having larger breasts or achieving breast symmetry through an augmentation, then you will need tuberous breast correction as part of your enhancement. This is due to the nature of tuberous breasts and the constrictive tissue that creates their odd shape. By correcting this constrictive tissue prior to augmentation, the results are long-lasting, and the full correction achieved – for beautiful, natural-looking breasts.

Will there be scarring?

There will be some scarring, but it should be minimally visible. Dr. Christopher Chang takes every measure to ensure that incisions are placed discreetly, and you will discuss their placement prior to surgery.

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