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The lips should ideally remain voluminous, full, and supple. But as we age, they start appearing thin, cracked, and dry, making you look significantly older than you feel. If you’re unhappy with the general appearance of your lips, you might want to consider a lip lift to achieve fuller and more youthful lips. You can also combine a lip lift with a facelift, neck lift, or other similar procedures to combat the signs of aging on other parts of the face.

Dr. Christopher C. Chang is an exceptional board-certified plastic surgeon offering a minimally invasive lip lift in Washington DC & Maryland. He has a keen eye for facial symmetry, proportionality, and general aesthetics, having worked on a wide range of facial procedures. He leverages cutting-edge technologies and techniques to provide the most aesthetically pleasing and natural results. Schedule your personal consultation with Dr. Chang to discuss your lip lift treatment options today.

What is a lip lift?

Lip Augmentation Washington DC

A lip lift is a minimally invasive and outpatient procedure that helps patients achieve fuller, more voluminous, and youthful lips. It permanently changes the overall shape and appearance of your upper or lower lips, ensuring their overall proportionality and size. The surgeon makes small incisions in the lips or under the nose to trim away excess skin tissues, minimize sagging, and shape the lip contours. The procedure prevents drooping lips, allowing you to show more teeth while smiling.

What are the benefits of a lip lift?

  • Achieve fuller and better-defined lips
  • Lift the corners of the mouth to prevent a constant frown
  • Improve overall shape
  • Make the lip line prominent
  • Reveal more teeth while smiling
  • Reduce lines on the upper lips
  • Ensure permanent results
  • Well-concealed incision marks
  • Minimal downtime
  • Improve overall confidence and self-esteem

Who is a good candidate for a lip lift?

A lip lift is a suitable treatment option for older individuals with considerably sagging, wrinkled lips, or drooping lips that hide your smile. Over time, the space between the lips and the nose increases because of your lips' gradual loss of volume. A lip lift restores the ideal proportions and aesthetic. It’s also suitable for younger patients who are tired of the constant upkeep with temporary lip fillers. However, you must be in overall good health and a non-smoker (or willing to quit) to qualify for the surgery.

How is a lip lift procedure performed?

The lip lift procedure starts with a personal consultation with Dr. Chang, wherein he examines your lips and discusses your cosmetic goals. He gives you detailed guidelines for things you should and shouldn’t do a few days before the procedure, such as stop smoking a few weeks before the treatment, stop taking blood-thinning medications, and other recommendations.

The lip lift procedure will be performed in the surgeon’s office under local anesthesia. The surgeon will remove a small piece of skin via an incision under the nose or in the lips, though the exact location of the incision might depend on the specific procedure you’re getting. The surgeon will trim away the excess skin tissues, shape your lips according to your cosmetic goals, and place sutures to close the incisions.

What’s the recovery from a lip lift like?

You might experience an uncomfortable sensation in your mouth after the surgery. Your lips and mouth may feel swollen and tight. The swelling will gradually dissipate in a few days or a week, and you’ll recover completely within four weeks. You must follow all of Dr. Chang’s post-surgery guidelines during the recovery to ensure a smooth process with no complications. You must avoid strenuous activities for a few weeks, avoid sleeping on your face, use a small toothbrush, and keep the incisions clean.

If you’re considering this procedure, schedule a consultation with one of the top providers of the lip lift in Washington DC & Maryland today.

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