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Some women feel self-conscious because they believe their nipples and areolae are overly large or lack symmetry. Disproportionately large areolae and nipples can give the breasts an odd or unbalanced look.

Dr. Christopher Chang performs nipple and areola reduction surgery and breast augmentation to restore a more proportionate and aesthetically pleasing appearance to the breasts.

Reasons to Have Nipple and Areola Reduction

The most beautiful breasts have well positioned nipples of proportionate size with normal projection, along with symmetrical, proportionately sized, regularly shaped areolae. Women may consider nipple and areola reduction surgery if they have:

  • Asymmetrical nipples or areolae
  • Nipples that protrude too far
  • Areolae that are too large in proportion to the breasts
  • Long, droopy nipples
  • Irregularly shaped or puffy areolae

How Is Nipple and Areola Reduction Surgery Performed?

Nipple and areola reduction may be performed under local or general anesthesia, depending on whether it is combined with another breast enhancement surgery, such as a breast lift or breast augmentation. Either way, you can expect to return home on the day of surgery.

To reduce the areola, Dr. Chang removes a rim of pigmented tissue around the outside edge, while taking measurements to ensure symmetry between both areolae. He may use one of several surgical techniques to reduce the nipples, depending on the exact cosmetic concerns being addressed. Strategically placed sutures are used to close the incisions in a way that minimizes visible scarring.

What Is Recovery Like after Nipple and Areola Reduction?

If your surgery is performed under local anesthesia, you will not have to recover from anesthesia and will be able to drive yourself home. However, it is always best to have someone to drive you and help you through the first few days of your recovery.

A special dressing will be applied after surgery to help maintain your nipple correction position. Any discomfort you experience during recovery can be managed with medications.

Expect some post-surgical bruising and swelling, and possibly numbness and tingling, most of which should subside within a few weeks. Do not be alarmed if one breast heals faster than the other – it happens.

You should be able to return to work within a few days after the procedure. Avoid strenuous activity for at least three weeks after surgery. You may be asked to wear a surgical bra for the first few weeks of your recovery.

Benefits of Nipple and Areola Reduction

Patients who undergo nipple and areola reduction surgery report benefits that include increased confidence and self-esteem. This is particularly true in intimate situations or while wearing or lingerie or clothing in which the nipples are more visible.

Nipple and areola reduction are relatively safe procedures that can be performed under local anesthesia. These surgeries can also be easily combined with more extensive breast enhancement procedures, including breast reduction, breast lift, gynecomastia surgery (male breast reduction), and breast augmentation.

Dr. Christopher Chang is among the most highly esteemed plastic surgeons in the Washington, DC area. With extensive training in cosmetic breast enhancement, he combines artistry with superior technical skills to produce beautiful, natural-looking results.

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