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Patients who suffer from sagging eyelids understand the emotional and physical toll they can take on a person. Both a cosmetic and functional issue, it can make people feel older than they are and hinder their ability to see properly. Thankfully, solutions now exist that are designed to address these issues. Upneeq is an innovative topical method that can revitalize the upper facial region.

What is Upneeq?

Upneeq is a non-invasive, FDA-approved treatment that aims to mitigate eyelid ptosis (sagging). Rather than addressing this issue by way of surgery or dermal fillers, Upneeq involves a simple eye drop prescription that can reduce eyelid drooping. With this approach, a more enticing smile and upper facial aesthetic can be restored to the patient without any of the risks or lengthy recovery time that come with blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery). Research shows that some patients notice more youthful contours in their faces just minutes after the eyelid drops are applied.

What are the benefits of Upneeq?

  • A safe, FDA-approved procedure that doesn’t require surgery
  • Attenuation of eyelid drooping
  • Facial revitalization
  • Improved vision due to removal of obstructions
  • Signs of aging are greatly reduced
  • Results show up almost immediately
  • The procedure comes with no downtime or discomfort

Who is a good candidate?

Drooping eyelids can either be caused by the natural aging process or family genetics. Whatever the case may be, drooping eyelids are a troubling issue that will make patients search for answers. Patients that have received treatment for cataracts, those who use contact lenses on a regular basis, and those struggling with certain health issues may also experience eyelid ptosis.

Upneeq eye drops are an incredible treatment option for eyelid ptosis sufferers who are uncomfortable with the potential risks, pain, scarring, and recovery time that usually come with eyelid surgery.

How do Upneeq eye drops work?

Upneeq is designed to address acquired ptosis of the eyelids, a condition where the upper lids become weak and start to sag. Upneeq is defined as an alpha-adrenergic agonist formulated with oxymetazoline hydrochloride ophthalmic solution, 0.1%. Oxymetazoline. The main ingredient in this formula works by making the Muller’s muscle in the upper eyelid contract, leading to a drastic lift. Overall, the eye drop formula can result in a lift of 1 to 3 millimeters.

Preparing for the Upneeq procedure

As with any cosmetic treatment, it is vital that patients refer to an experienced practitioner to discuss the details of the treatment and ensure that they can achieve their desired results. In regards to the eye drops themselves, it is important to make sure that the eye drop fluid is clear before being administered. Patients who use contact lenses must take them out before applying the eye drops. Once 15 minutes have passed, the lenses can be put back in.

How is Upneeq applied?

In terms of the application process, there isn’t much difference between Upneeq and standard eye drops. Patients have to tilt their heads back and keep their eyes open in order for proper settling of the drops. The eyedropper must be placed directly above the eyes before the drops are released (one at a time). The patient then closes their eyes so that the Upneeq formula can be properly absorbed. Patients should refrain from touching their eyes for at least one minute. Moreover, the vial should never make contact with the eyes, as this can result in contamination.

Why Choose Us?

Dr. Christopher C. Chang is one of the most highly revered plastic surgeons in the DC area. A specialist in facial and breast augmentation surgery, his multiple advanced degrees and extensive training set him apart from his contemporaries.

His lengthy educational background includes Harvard University, the NYU School of Medicine, and Yale University. Overall, his commitment to excellence and patient satisfaction is what has given him the prestigious reputation he has today. Reach out to our office to set up a consultation today.

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