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A well-defined chin plays a major role in a person’s profile and gives balance to the face. A weak or receding chin can make the nose appear larger, affect the contours of the jaw, and make the entire face appear out of balance.

Technically known as genioplasty or mentoplasty, chin augmentation is a plastic surgery technique that has helped thousands of patients achieve a more balanced and harmonious facial profile. For some patients who feel the nose is too large for the face, chin augmentation may be the correct procedure to bring about a significant enhancement, creating facial balance, possibly making a rhinoplasty procedure (nose job) unnecessary.

For chin augmentation in Washington, D.C., you can trust Dr. Christopher C. Chang to provide the highest quality care in a professional yet warm and relaxing environment. Dr. Chang is a highly-trained plastic surgeon, who focuses his practice on facial surgery. He takes a comprehensive, holistic approach to cosmetic enhancements. Both his technical skills and his artistic eye have been refined for the fine features of the face. In treating the face, Dr. Chang’s focus is on facial balance and on age correction, depending upon what the patient needs to restore a more attractive appearance.

Why Have a Chin Enlargement Procedure?

Chin augmentation is performed to provide greater balance to the face. This cosmetic plastic surgery procedure can:

  • Correct a weak or receding chin
  • Add volume to the chin area
  • Balance a nose that appears proportionately too large for the face
  • Correct a double chin or a sagging neck
  • Improve the jaw line and jowling
  • Improve the facial profile
  • Create better balance among facial features overall

How is chin augmentation performed?

Chin Augmentation Washington D.C.

Chin augmentation can be performed by placing an implant or moving your jawbone. Depending on your anatomy, the degree of enhancement and your desires, you may choose one method or the other. With his background in craniofacial surgery, orthognathic (jaw) procedures, cosmetic fillers and Dr. Chang is uniquely qualified to perform augmentation in multiple ways and can help you decide which is the best option for you.

Chin Implants

Chin implants are made of silicone, polyethylene or other medical-grade materials. Solid silicone implants have a similar feel to bone, without a risk of tearing. Taking your unique facial features and aesthetic goals into the custom treatment plan, Dr. Chang will advise you and recommend the best implant for your chin augmentation surgery in Washington, DC. In this straightforward procedure, Dr. Chang makes a small incision, either inside the mouth where scarring cannot be seen or discretely positioned in the natural crease just under the chin, depending on what is needed to accomplish a pleasing, attractive profile. Through this incision, he creates a pocket beneath the muscle and inserts the flexible implant in the pocket, carefully placing it atop your jawbone and securing the implant, when necessary. After carefully evaluating your chin for size and symmetry, Dr. Chang closes the incision with sutures.

Chin Bone Advancement

Chin advancement is performed with your own natural bone. In this procedure, Dr. Chang will make an incision inside your mouth and reposition the bone so that the height and projection can be altered to give you the facial balance you are seeking. This has the advantage of no visible scar, and using your own natural tissue so the risk of infection is extremely low. Additionally, the bone heals in its new position so that the shape is stable and natural.

Recovery from a Chin Augmentation Procedure

Most of our patients are able to return home shortly after chin augmentation surgery. You can expect some soreness for several days after the procedure, which can be controlled with over-the-counter pain medications. Some patients experience a tight, stretched sensation that typically subsides in approximately one week.

You may need to limit chewing and restrict your diet to soft and liquid foods for a few days after surgery. Although rigorous activity may be prohibited for two weeks, most patients can return to their normal activities in one week after surgery.

As with any procedure, there will be some swelling after chin implant surgery. In approximately six weeks, most of the swelling will diminish, and you can enjoy the results of the surgery – an improved profile and a more balanced, more aesthetically pleasing facial appearance.

View Non Surgical Chin Augmentation Before & After

Chin Augmentation Washington D.C.

Selecting a Surgeon for Chin Augmentation

If you are considering chin augmentation, the most important decision you will make is the surgeon who performs the procedure. You need a physician you can trust, with the appropriate education, training, and certification, and significant experience with facial implant surgery. It is also important to select a surgeon with whom you feel comfortable and can easily communicate.

Dr. Christopher C. Chang is a highly trained and educated plastic surgeon, with credentials from Harvard, NYU School of Medicine, Johns Hopkins, and Yale, among others, with a practice dedicated to facial procedures. Dr. Chang is committed not only to surgical excellence but also to comprehensive patient care. He considers the big picture as well as the current treatment to ensure that all aspects of treatment are performed carefully and correctly, with the highest level of patient safety.

Dr. Chang and his staff have an approachable, professional demeanor, and patient comfort and trust are of the utmost importance. To find out our chin augmentation Washington D.C. office is the right for you, contact our office to schedule a consultation with Dr. Chang.

Cost of Chin Augmentation Surgery

The average cost of chin implant surgery in Maryland will vary based on the type of implant or augmentation you would like. Dr. Chang offers financing options which can make the procedure affordable for most budgets.

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