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Lip lines are one of the most common – and depressing – signs of facial aging. Until recently, it was necessary to undergo a more invasive procedure with a longer recovery time to treat lip lines. As aesthetic technology advances, newer, better products are developed.

Volbella, one of the products in the Juvéderm line, is an exciting advancement in aesthetics and can successfully treat lip lines and add lip volume and definition.

Why Volbella for Lips and Lip Lines?

While other dermal fillers have been in use to treat lip lines, many people were unhappy with the results, as too much volume was added, creating a puffy, unnatural look to the upper lip zone. The Volbella difference is in the smaller particle size; the hyaluronic gel is very fine and thin, and an excellent way to reduce the appearance of lip lines, as well as add subtle volume to the lips themselves.

The Magic of Volbella is in the Formula

The technology in this advanced dermal filler is unique; called “Vycross,” it reduces the quantity of water absorbed by the filler to limit the possibility of swelling or an “overfilled” look. Our clientele comes from the DC area and has the highest standards. We cater to each client and are proud of our reputation for excellence in facial rejuvenation. If you are living with unsightly lip lines, or are seeking a subtle, natural enhancement, we invite you to discover the top Washington DC plastic surgeon, Dr. Christopher Chang.

Why Choose Volbella?

If you are tired of seeing lips that have lost volume, and no longer look fresh and plump, or are struggling with the appearance of vertical lines around the lips, there is finally an injectable product that can correct these problems without creating an unnaturally puffy look. Volbella may be the appropriate dermal filler for the following cosmetic problems:

  • Perioral lines (often called “smoker’s lines”)
  • Smoothing marionette lines (appearing from edge of lips onto chin)
  • Corrects a frowning look that appears as facial skin sags
  • Enhances and defines lips
  • Can correct undereye bags

Benefits of Volbella: Outstanding Results

The impressive results of treatment with Volbella include:

  • Smooths wrinkles and lines around lip zone
  • Creates a subtle, natural look for plumper lips
  • Less painful treatment
  • Minimal recovery time
  • Long-lasting enhancement – lasts up to 12 months
  • Minimal side effects
  • No downtime
  • A more youthful look for lips and upper lip zone

How Volbella Works

Volbella, one of the latest generation of dermal fillers in the Juvéderm line, was developed specifically to produce smooth, natural improvements for lips and around the mouth. The hyaluronic acid in the product has been altered to absorb less water, to reduce the risk of creating an overly-puffed, swollen look that signals you “had work done.” While the injections may cause slight swelling initially, this soon disappears, and you are left with a smoothed look that appears exceptionally natural.

After Treatment with Volbella: What to Do and Not Do

While you can return to your normal activities immediately after treatment, avoid vigorous activities or consuming alcoholic beverages for at least 24 hours. Avoid extremely warm environments, and wear sunscreen. Other than these minor, short-term changes, you are free to live life, with improved self-confidence in your appearance – looking younger, fresher, and rejuvenated.

Dr. Christopher Chang: A Practice Built Around You.

You are important and deserve all the best that life has to offer – including where you go for facial enhancements. Dr. Christopher Chang has an exclusive clientele and is committed to providing treatments of exceptional quality and elegance, including Volbella Washington DC treatments for lip lines and lip enhancement. Why does he depend upon this groundbreaking product? The results of treatment look very natural. This is an anti-aging treatment for lips and lip lines that stands heads above other products on the market.

Your Custom Treatment

Every person has a unique vision, quality of skin, and cosmetic issues they hope to resolve. The first step in establishing a successful treatment plan is a full evaluation of your skin quality, and a discussion with you about your options. We offer a range of anti-aging treatments, both surgical and non-surgical, and can help you look your best for years longer than ever before – in the most natural way.

With our array of non-surgical treatments include modern facial fat transfer and BOTOX injections, we work closely with you to help you maintain the fresh, healthy look of youth. Some more serious cases of aging facial skin may require a surgical treatment, but many people in their 40s, 50s, and 60s can achieve a dramatic improvement with the groundbreaking, FDA-approved facial filler, Volbella.

Anti-Aging Technology at its Best: Volbella

Your appearance is a big factor in how you feel about yourself, and the confidence with which you tackle life’s challenges. When you know you look refreshed, youthful, and vital, it is empowering. We are here to help you with the latest developments in aesthetics, and to provide treatments that produce singularly stunning outcomes. You are invited to experience true professionalism at Dr. Chang's Plastic Surgery Washington DC clinic, and experience the best of the latest in anti-aging technology, delivered by the top professionals in the field.

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