Focus on the Face

Age Correction and facial Balance

Dr. Christopher Chang is a surgeon who is a specialist in the face.  He believes that age reversal goals can be achieved through careful evaluation of patient and identification of the procedure or combination of procedures to best equip that patient for success.  As a cosmetic surgeon in Washington, DC, he sees many patients with different backgrounds with various age-related concerns.

Facelifts are an important part of Dr. Chang’s Washington, DC area practice.  Through his cosmetic training at Yale and his craniofacial experience at Hopkins, he has refined both his skill and his artistic eye for the face and its fine structures.  Dr. Chang can help you determine whether a facelift would provide good results in your case.  


Frequently the best results are obtained with tandem procedures.  When combined with a brow lift, for example, a facelift may produce significantly better results.  Similarly, the use of injectables or facial implants can be part of a wholistic approach to reversing the aging process.   

Make an appointment to discuss your options and surgical plan with Dr. Chang.

Facial Rejuvenation

At our practice we also provide a number of nonsurgical solutions.  Administered alone, or paired with surgery, these can deliver great results with minimal disruption.

Sleep apnea and Dentofacial Surgery

In our practice, we also specialize in facial surgery for functional needs.  Breathing difficulty, jaw or bite discrepancy and sleep apnea can all be improved with surgical correction.  Additionally, this often results in improved cosmetic appearance, while balancing the face.